What does “Just Rustic Enough” mean?/ Testimonials

Our retreat is not luxury, nor is it uncomfortable.  One does not have to be a frontiersmen or experienced camper to attend our retreat. The cabins are dry and can be made warm. The kitchen is a modern chef’s kitchen with that was designed to cook meals for 100 people. The bathrooms and showers are large and modern.

The campsite is a large campus nestled in Laurel Hill State Park. We are just far enough away from civilization to have as sense of enclosure, but  close enough satisfy outside needs if necessary. We feel as though this tranquil setting, reclined near our huge fire pit, produces a level of sharing and insight that helps us heal from our disease of compulsive use.


” The fire pit is a special place ( almost holy place) for me. I never realized the level of sharing men can reach in a quiet place.  The fire is truly meditative.  I carry statements, stories, and feelings with me from the retreat that lasts throughout the year.  It is a true retreat that brings me closer to myself, and my goals in recovery. ”

Anthony B.  Pittsburgh, PA.


   ” I just need to give a quick shout out for the “Just Rustic Enough” Men’s Retreat and to all my Brothers in Recovery who made it happen!!!
A terrific weekend where Fellowship,Spirituality and Recovery came together for me. It started with a bunch of guys joining together at campfire meeting; an instant comradery that allowed for deep, honest gut level sharing. It continued on while hiking through some of the nature trails at the campsite….an opportunity to “Walk the Walk” and “Talk the Talk”.  After the sun went down, the night sky became the perfect backdrop for countless stars and constellations. Nature’s lite show duplicated by its reflection on the lake below.
I can’t wait to meet up with you guys again in September for the 4th annual “Just Rustic Enough” Men’s Retreat!!!”
Alan B.    Cleveland, Ohio