Retreat Intentions


Just Rustic Enough

Please enjoy the rustic nature of the retreat.  No frills unless you brought em.  There is a comfortable amount of discomfort.  If you rate anything other than the time that we spend with others as 5 stars, then we probably got it wrong.

Retreat Not Convention

Please enjoy the flexibility of an open retreat, not a precisely planned convention.  It is a retreat, but not the lavish hotel and spa type.  We have outlined some activities that we think are a response to what you said that you wanted. There will be program-aligned meetings, opportunities to meditate, be in groups, enjoy down time on your own and in nature and tons of burning wood.  The most complex recipe will be our signature pot-o-beans.  Eating salad out of a bag is totally permitted – almost celebrated.  The agenda is a set of suggestions.  You will do as much as you want, not much at all and leave feeling like you got a ton done.

Keep It Simple

Please enjoy simple programming, simple meals, a simple schedule and time simply spent with fellows in program.  Every issue that arises this weekend will be met with a simple solution – that probably involves the burning of wood.

12 by 12 by 12

Please enjoy each other’s company.  We are a retreat of men, but men in program.  The Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions and Twelve Principles will guide how we interact with one another.

Abstinent and Inclusive

Please enjoy really good – and abstinent – food.  Food won’t be a problem. There is always plenty and there has traditionally been lots of sharing as several participants will have an abstinence that is close to yours.  The food police send their best wishes, but they won’t be joining us. We will provide several meals.  In support of our intention to keep it simple, those meals will not be elaborate, but will include several items from which to select what is best for you.  Please take care of yourself and be sure to bring foods that are most appropriate to your abstinence if you know that your abstinence is unique.