Contact/ Registration/ Scholarships

Laurel Hill State Park

Our policy is that no formal registration has been needed. We collect donations at the door, or sometime during the retreat.

If you would RSVP it would be appreciated. You can do so by emailing any person on the contact list.

As brothers in Recovery we offer part or full scholarships. Our primary purpose is to carry the message and support our common welfare. If you do not have food or supplies for the weekend please contact us as well.We do not wish for you to stay away for lack of personal resources. Our common  welfare comes first. Please contact us if you want to come but are concerned about personal resources.

We have yet to decide the price of the retreat. The full weekend with meals is usually around $80. However, there are levels of pay according to your participation level.


Contact any of the following for more questions and information of scholarships, registration, and any other questions use the contacts listed below.


412 275 0039